Importance of Drip Irrigation System Installation and Management - A Review


  • Imran Arshad SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishment, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Drip irrigation, management, components, filtration unit, biological control.


Management of the drip irrigation system requires proper knowledge of the system, climate and suitable environmental conditions for the cultivated crops. To achieve good management practices for drip irrigation, the impacts of climate variables on plant growth and production during different seasons should be understood. The planning of irrigation system and installation of components in the right way is considered one of the most essential matters to ensure the highest efficiency possible use of available irrigation water and allows the plants to benefit from the most water used. Assessment of the irrigation system and improving its efficiency involves many variables, the details concerning the parts of the irrigation system and also the method of its management and maintenance. Periodic maintenance of the irrigation system is very important, especially when the irrigation system is compact and by drip, for the sustainability of the irrigation system and ensure no poor distribution of water efficiency. The maintenance includes repair and replaces any of the parts of the irrigation system to prevent leaks and closures. Also, it includes maintenance and washing the filter and irrigation pipes to remove the accumulated impurities and salts. This paper describes the drip irrigation system components, installation, and management of the users which are required for the different stakeholders in the agricultural sector.




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