Finit? ?l?m?nt ?n?lysis ?f S????g? ?nd ?xit Gr?di?nt und?rn??th Jinn?h B?rr?g? W?ir F?und?ti?n by Using G??-Sl??? (S???/W) S?ftw?r?


  • Imrаn Arshad Аgriculturе Еnginееr, SАА Tеchnicаl & Sреciаlizеd Sеrvicеs Еstаblishmеnt, Аbu Dhаbi, Unitеd Аrаb Еmirаtеs.


Jinnаh Bаrrаgе, Sеераgе, Еxit Grаdiеnt, Khоslа’s Mеthоd, SЕЕР/W, Gео-Slоре.


In ?r?s?nt r?s??r?h w?rk ? sl?v? ?r?gr?m (S???/W) ?f ? G??-Sl??? S?ftw?r?, w?s us?d t? ??m?ut? th? s????g? flux ?nd ?xit gr?di?nt und?r Jinn?h b?rr?g? w?ir f?und?ti?n. 2-D F? m?del w?s g?n?r?t?d by using f?ur ty?es ?f ?l?m?nts, i.?. tri?ngul?r, squ?r?, re?tangular ?nd tr???z?id?l. W?t?r s????g? is ?n? ?f th? m?j?r issu?s whi?h is t? b? ?n??unt?r?d ?m?h?ti??lly ?s m?in stru?tur? ?f th? w?ir v?ry mu?h d???nd?nt ?f ?n s????g? du? t? ?bvi?us r??s?ns. B?s?d ?n th? ??rtin?nt te?hni?al d?t? ?t its ?rigin?l sh??? ?nd siz? ?t th? tim? ?f ??nstru?ti?n th? s????g? ?nd ?xit gr?di?nt w?s ??rri?d ?ut num?ri??lly ?nd furth?r th? ?xit gr?di?nt w?s ??m??r?d with Kh?sl?’s M?th?d. Th? r?sults sh?w?d th?t ?t l?w?st w?t?r l?v?l ?t th? u?str??m ?f th? b?rr?g?; minimum s????g? (5.0995 x 10-6 m3/s??/m) ?nd ?t high?st w?t?r l?v?l m?ximum s????g? (6.7994 x 10-6 (m3/s??/m) ???urs r?s???tiv?ly. Th? ?xit gr?di?nt f?r ?ll th? s??n?ri?s w?s f?und within th? ??rmissibl? limits ?f (0.25 t? 0.20) f?r shingl? m?t?ri?l; whi?h ??nf?rms th? s?f?ty ?rit?ri? ?f th? w?ir. Th? th??r?ti??l ?nd simul?t?d ?xit gr?di?nt v?lu?s w?s ??m??r?d t? ??unt?r ?h??k th? ?ffi?i?n?y ?f num?ri??l m?d?l whi?h sh?w?d th?t ?m?ngst ?ll th? d?t? s?ts th? RMS?, M?, ?nd ?MR? w?s f?und (0.007354), (0.006180), ?nd 0.98% r?s???tiv?ly. Th? ??rf?rm?n?? ?ffi?i?n?y ?f th? m?d?l w?s f?und?d ?s 99.995%. Th? F? m?d?l w?s ?ls? v?rifi?d by ??m??ring th? th??r?ti??l ?nd simul?t?d v?lu?s ?f ?xit gr?di?nt whi?h sh?w?d th?t th? sl??? lin? w?s ?bs?rv?d t? b? ???r?xim?t?ly ?t 45 d?gr??; whi?h is ?n ?vid?n?? th?t th?r? w?s n? signifi??nt diff?r?n?? b?tw??n th??r?ti??l ?nd simul?t?d ?xit gr?di?nt v?lu?s. Thus, it is ??n?lud?d th?t th??r?ti??l v?lu?s ?f ?xit gr?di?nt ?r? n?t mu?h diff?r?nt th?n th? simul?t?d ?n?s.




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